Destination Santorini: Fly in Style with a Jetway Helicopter

If you are planning a trip to the Greek Islands, then Santorini should be at the top of your list! This island is undoubtedly the most famous and visited destination in the Cyclades Archipelago. And what better way to experience the beauty of Santorini than by flying with helicopter service?

When you choose to fly with Jetway, you not only get to indulge in the breathtaking views of Santorini from the air but also enjoy a host of exclusive benefits throughout your journey.

While others may have to wait in line to capture the perfect shot of the iconic white church with a blue dome that graces every postcard, you will soar above the crowds, capturing mesmerizing aerial photographs of this picturesque island. As you approach Santorini by helicopter, the panoramic views of the volcanic landscape and the stunning caldera will leave you in awe.

Once you touch down, you can embark on an unforgettable adventure, knowing that your helicopter awaits, ready to transport you to the most remarkable spots on the island. ensures that your experience is seamless, convenient, and luxurious.

In addition to the sheer convenience of flying directly to Santorini with Jetway, you will also have the opportunity to explore the island's must-see attractions:
Fira: Ascend to the top of the caldera and enjoy the numerous viewpoints that offer mesmerizing vistas of Santorini. From Fira, take a leisurely 30-minute stroll to reach the villages of Firostefani and Imerovigli. If you're looking for shops, restaurants, and cafés, head to Golden Street.
Imerovigli: Often referred to as the "balcony of Santorini," this village sits at the pinnacle of the caldera, 300 meters above the sea. Prepare to be enchanted by the panoramic views, and remember, your helicopter is just a call away for your next destination.
Oia: This is unquestionably the best place to witness the enchanting sunset. As you wander through the narrow alleys of Oia, you'll capture stunningly picturesque scenes of Santorini. Afterward, your helicopter will be ready to whisk you away to your next adventure.
Black Beach: Enjoy the unique experience of a volcanic black sand beach, and let take care of your transportation needs, ensuring a seamless transition from the air to the beach.
Red Beach: Named after the ochre cliffs that encircle it, Red Beach is a sight to behold. Arrive in style with and make an unforgettable entrance at this captivating destination.
Nea Kamini: Embark on a boat trip around this volcano and indulge in a swim in the invigorating hot springs. can arrange a seamless helicopter-to-boat transfer, allowing you to maximize your time exploring the wonders of Nea Kamini.
The archaeological site of Akrotiri: One of Greece's most significant archaeological sites, Akrotiri offers a glimpse into the ancient history of the island. After your exploration, your helicopter will be waiting to whisk you away, ensuring a smooth and luxurious journey back to your desired location.
Santorini is an ideal destination for couples or a romantic honeymoon. Its enchanting ambiance and stunning vistas make it a truly unforgettable experience. And by choosing, you can elevate your Santorini adventure to new heights of luxury, comfort, and convenience.

The Helicopter 

The twin-engine Airbus AS355 helicopter is a variant of the well-known Astars family, manufactured by Airbus Helicopters, Inc. While preserving the exceptional handling, durability, and maintenance convenience of its predecessor, the AS355 introduces the enhanced reliability and performance that come with twin engines.

Renowned for its inherent maneuverability, outstanding visibility, and minimal cabin vibration, the AS355 has established itself as a versatile workhorse capable of handling various missions. It has become a familiar sight at heliports and airports worldwide, trusted by operators across the globe.


Jetway Fleet

Premier IA
  • Seats : 6 PAXs
  • Speed : 461 mph
  • Range : 1130 miles
Airbus H125
  • Seats : 6 PAXs
  • Speed : 125 mph
  • Range : 400 miles
Learjet 35A
  • Seats : 8 PAXs
  • Speed : 464 mph
  • Range : 2002 miles
King Air C90
  • Seats : 8 PAXs
  • Speed : 289 mph
  • Range : 1755 miles
Piper Navajo 310
  • Seats : 6 PAXs
  • Speed : 170 mph
  • Range : 800 miles
Learjet 31A
  • Seats : 6 PAXs
  • Speed : 462 mph
  • Range : 1631 miles
Super King Air B200
  • Seats : 7 PAXs
  • Speed : 292 mph
  • Range : 1580 miles
Embraer Legacy 600
  • Seats : 13 PAXs
  • Speed : 420 mph
  • Range : 3300 miles
Citation XLS+
  • Seats : 8 PAXs
  • Speed : 509 mph
  • Range : 2100 miles
Eurocopter EC-135
  • Seats : 6 PAXs
  • Speed : 137 mph
  • Range : 390 miles
Airbus AS355
  • Seats : 5 PAXs
  • Speed : 130 mph
  • Range : 350 miles
Falcon 7X
  • Seats : 14 PAXs
  • Speed : 595 mph
  • Range : 5950 miles
Robinson R44
  • Seats : 3 PAXs
  • Speed : 100 mph
  • Range : 400 miles
Airbus AS365
  • Seats : 5 PAXs
  • Speed : 165 mph
  • Range : 400 miles
Agusta 109 Power
  • Seats : 7 PAXs
  • Speed : 150 mph
  • Range : 400 miles
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