Since 1997, Jetway is committed to building trust and earning respect while delivering knowledge and a powerful base of solutions to meet the unique needs and requirements of our varied aviation clients.

Our mission is to partner with our clients to develop business services for long-term success.  Working as a business partner, Jetway is committed to provide the tools and processes necessary to achieve safety, quality, VIP service, and fiscal responsibility.

Jetway has a diverse portfolio of services to meet the dynamic needs of today’s business and tourism aviation clients. Based on last three years data our clients come from the following market sectors:

Travel Agencies 43%

Greece 35%
Europe 35%
USA 20%
Rest of the World 10%

Aviation brokers- Aircraft Operators 22%

Greece 10%
Europe 35%
USA 38%%
Rest of the World 17%

Companies 15%

Greece 40%
Europe 25%
USA 15%
Rest of the World 20%

Personal travel 20%

Greece 60%
Europe 22%
USA 17%
Rest of the World 11%

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