Private helicopter charter in Greece

Jetway operates  helicopters from our bases in Athens, Mykonos and Santorini. 

Jetway is proud of its fleet of well presented and meticulously maintained turbine and piston engine helicopters. These aircraft are carefully selected to provide the best solutions for the harsh and remote areas in which Jetway operates. Our helicopter fleet includes; turbine engine Airbus H120" Squirrel, Airbus H135, Airbus 145, Agusta 109, Bell 407, Bell 206B Jetranger, Robinson R66, Robinson R44. 

Why choose Jetway?

With over 25 years of experience flying across Greece, Jetway are renowned for delivering reliable services covering a range of industries. As one of the largest aviation companies operating in Greece, we focus on providing practical solutions on commercially viable terms. We always strive to provide services to the highest level of safety for all flight operations. When you work with us, you can expect:

Professional service: Our staff are amongst the most experienced in the industry. Our commitment is on delivering exceptional services, regardless of the project size.
Cost-effective solutions: We make it our priority to deliver practical solutions that are both cost-effective for your operation both on the ground and in the air.
Quality equipment: We have strict safety procedures in place to ensure our aircraft are kept in excellent condition. Each aircraft is properly checked before each flight.
We specialize in services providing passenger  service. The versatility of our available aircraft for charter, allows us to efficiently offer the right helicopter for your trip.
Contact us to arrange a private helicopter charter in Greece

Send the Flight Request Form or Contact our Charter Operations team for a quote on +302118009050

Receive a personal consultation for a custom offer. 
Assistance with choosing the aircraft that is suitable for you. 
Full-service, on-board entertainment and catering. 
Highest safety and quality standards. 
Strictest selection criteria and regular training for our entire crew. 

Safety is imperative for our operation and with in-house aircraft maintenance facilities, we ensure our fleet of aircraft are always well-maintained to the highest standard. The majority of our  helicopters are fitted with a spidertracks Spider S3, providing real time tracking and emergency alerting. If you are seeking more information on our aircraft or have a booking enquiry, please get in touch. Our team are here to help with any specific requirements you may have for your operation.
With Safety is a core value, and a fundamental component of our competitive advantage.  Our organization becomes stronger by making continuous safety improvements. All managers and employees are responsible and accountable for their actions and safety performance. 
All personnel is motivated to think and work safely at all times, regardless of any real or perceived pressures to do otherwise. To prevent accidents and to eliminate damage or injury, we have implemented and maintain an active safety management system (SMS). 
Our objective is the proactive management of identifiable hazards, the reduction of risk to a level as low as reasonably practicable, and the sharing of safety information with the authorities. Every single flight is performed  under EASA , European  Aviation Safety Agency, regulations.  


Jetway Fleet

Embraer Legacy 600
  • Seats : 13 PAXs
  • Speed : 420 mph
  • Range : 3300 miles
Piper Navajo 310
  • Seats : 6 PAXs
  • Speed : 170 mph
  • Range : 800 miles
Super King Air B200
  • Seats : 7 PAXs
  • Speed : 292 mph
  • Range : 1580 miles
King Air C90
  • Seats : 8 PAXs
  • Speed : 289 mph
  • Range : 1755 miles
Eurocopter EC-135
  • Seats : 6 PAXs
  • Speed : 137 mph
  • Range : 390 miles
Robinson R44
  • Seats : 3 PAXs
  • Speed : 100 mph
  • Range : 400 miles
Falcon 7X
  • Seats : 14 PAXs
  • Speed : 595 mph
  • Range : 5950 miles
Premier IA
  • Seats : 6 PAXs
  • Speed : 461 mph
  • Range : 1130 miles
Airbus H125
  • Seats : 6 PAXs
  • Speed : 125 mph
  • Range : 400 miles
Airbus AS355
  • Seats : 5 PAXs
  • Speed : 130 mph
  • Range : 350 miles
Agusta 109 Power
  • Seats : 7 PAXs
  • Speed : 150 mph
  • Range : 400 miles
Airbus AS365
  • Seats : 5 PAXs
  • Speed : 165 mph
  • Range : 400 miles
Learjet 31A
  • Seats : 6 PAXs
  • Speed : 462 mph
  • Range : 1631 miles
Learjet 35A
  • Seats : 8 PAXs
  • Speed : 464 mph
  • Range : 2002 miles
Citation XLS+
  • Seats : 8 PAXs
  • Speed : 509 mph
  • Range : 2100 miles
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