Private Business Jet Charter

Private Business Jet Charter

Jetway will arrange executive jet flights to and from any place in the world to enable our clients to select the precise jet aircraft they want, the schedules they need, from the point of origin to the destinations they prefer.

We do not hunt around for the cheapest available aircraft from a large charter pool of thousands of subpar aircraft in order to increase profit margins; like most traditional jet charter brokers do. Instead we are extremely selective in aligning ourselves with only the best air carriers flying the skies today and in turn bring that luxury and quality to you.

Our philosophy is to provide you with a superior service on a quality product at a low margin. We in turn profit on large volume instead.

Jetway has access to over 4,000 private jet aircraft worldwide.

All flights are operated by EASA / FAA carriers. Operators providing service for Jetway clients must meet standards set forth by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for safety, security and service.

Celebrity and VIP security and transfer service ensures complete privacy both on the air and on the ground.

Available Aircraft


The Embraer Legacy is a super midsize jet based on the successful Embraer 135 and Embraer 145 regional jet airframe, with improvements in the addition of seven-foot winglets for added lift and drag reduction; fuselage reinforcements for underbelly and cargo compartment fuel tanks and a modified fuel transfer system.

The Embraer Legacy can accommodate up to 13 passengers and comes in two configurations, the Legacy Executive and the Legacy Corporate Shuttle. With a maximum range of 3250 nautical miles, the Embraer Legacy 600 can fly business executives from New to Los Angeles, Chicago to Vancouver, or Paris to Dubai.

Jet TypeMax Pass.Cruise SpeedRangeMin Runway
E135 13 460 mph 3250 sm 5453 ft
Cabin LengthCabin WidthCabin HeightLavatoryBag Capacity
42.50 ft 6.90 ft 6.00 ft Full 240 cu. ft



The Cessna Citation XLS, also known as the model CE560XLS, is an improved version of the Cessna Citation Excel, produced by American based Cessna Corporation.

This mid-size private jet goes faster and further than its predecessor - the Citation Excel and can carry up to nine passengers comfortably.

The Cessna Citation XLS is powered by more powerful Pratt & Whitney Canada PW545B engine rated at 3,991-lb of thrust at take-off.

Jet TypeMax Pass.Cruise SpeedRangeMin Runway
CE560XLS 7 495 mph 2138 sm 3560 ft
Cabin LengthCabin WidthCabin HeightLavatoryBag Capacity
18.50 ft 5.50 ft 5.70 ft Full 90 cu. ft



Notable especially for its comfort-level - due to its 6'3 cabin height and 7'1" cabin width (the tallest and widest of its class); its fully heated and pressurized baggage compartment (at 150 cu. ft the largest of its class); and its roomy refreshment center - the Gulfstream 200 also has an impressive cruise speed and range."

Jet TypeMax Pass.Cruise SpeedRangeMin Runway
G200 9 459 mph 3278 sm 5000 ft
Cabin LengthCabin WidthCabin HeightLavatoryBag Capacity
24.50 ft 7.10 ft 6.30 ft Full 150 cu. ft



Flying at a cruising speed of 451 mph, the Premier I seats up to seven passengers, offering a composite carbonfire/epoxy honeycomb cabin that is able to be constructed in just one day. Along with a fully enclosed lavatory, the Premier I is equipped with the largest baggage capacity in the class.

Jet TypeMax Pass.Cruise SpeedRangeMin Runway
PRM1 7 451 mph 1490 sm 4950 ft
Cabin LengthCabin WidthCabin HeightLavatoryBag Capacity
13.50 ft 5.50 ft 5.50 ft Full 83 cu. ft
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